Clear - Concise - Correct

Clear - Concise - Correct

Loan sales conducted with industry best practices, high data security and compliance

Garnet offers buyers and sellers maximum transparency and ease-of-use through the unique components of our next-generation AuctionLine platform. Garnet has been vetted by the FDIC and most major banks with regard to personnel, website, information security, etc., and undergoes a PCI-DSS and SOC 2 review annually. Garnet sales incorporate industry best practices, regulatory directives and consent orders in order to help buyers and sellers achieve success.


Commercial Loans & Leases


Consumer Loans




Commercial Charge-offs


Nonperforming Commercial Mortgage Sales under FDIC Loss Share


Truck Leases






Auto Charge-Offs & Bankruptcies


Charged-Off Consumer Loan and Credit Card Sales


Franchise Finance Loans


Elective Medical Receivables


RPL Seconds


DeVille Asset Management


Charged-Off Puerto Rico Consumer Loan Sale


Church Loans


Private Student Loans


Performing and Nonperforming Residential Mortgages


Secured BK Accounts


Charged-Off Debt Buyer Company Sale


Hospitality Relationship


Point-Of-Sale Accounts




Student Loan Charged-Offs


Nonperforming Commercial Mortgage and REO Sale under FDIC Loss Share


Mixed Commercial Loans


Lending Club & Prosper Loans


Performing Second Liens


Consumer Charge-offs


Subperforming / Nonperforming Residential Mortgage Portfolio


Consumer Loan Charged-Offs


Consumer Loan Charged-Offs


Consumer Loan Charged-Offs

*multiple transactions

Garnet has a sales database of over 25,000 secondary market participants. We have experience with portfolios of all asset types and performance levels. With Garnet, buyers will find the portfolios that meet their investment criteria and sellers will have their portfolios shown to the right audience in a compliant sale.

In 2022 Garnet sold $4 billion of loans in 200 transactions.

Garnet combines state-of-the-art analytics with good old-fashioned salesmanship to tell each portfolio’s singular story and provide buyers with accurate market color. Buyers and sellers appreciate the fact that “Garnet deals close!”