What Clients are Saying

  • " The Garnet team uncovered value we did not know was there."

    VP – Top 20 Bank
  • " I could never have bid on such a complex deal from a different advisor."

    Senior Managing Director, Hedge Fund
  • " Your team was relentless in getting the deal closed."

    President, $100mm Community Bank


Commercial Loans & Leases


Truck Leases


Franchise Finance Loans


Church Loans


Hospitality Relationship


Mixed Commercial Loans

*multiple transactions

What Differentiates Garnet?


Pricing and Diligence

  • Sellers given pre-sale pricing to align expectations
  • Garnet diligence allows for remediation
  • Third party appends to increase bidder confidence

Presentation and Sales

  • Deal info meets buyer's needs
  • Negative assumptions avoided
  • Existing buyers covered – NEW buyers uncovered

Execution and Closing

  • Upfront attention makes closing easier
  • Senior management involved in every closing
  • Organization of servicing and file transfer

What are the Critical Factors in a Commercial Sale?

1. Information

  • Data file confirmation
  • Offering tells the portfolio's "story"
  • "Clear, Concise, Correct" presentation
  • Third party info adds value

2. Pooling

  • Pools constructed for buyers
  • Sales team schooled in value
  • Full market coverage
  • Creates price transparency

3. Closing

  • Track portfolio changes
  • LSA negotiations
  • Guide closing process
  • Confirm settlement statements

Consumer Loans

Tailored Execution - Broad Experience

Residential Loans

No Price Fade - All Loans Sold


Over $100 billion Sold - Compliance Focused