Unlocking Capital to grow your business

Unlocking Capital to grow your business

Garnet can guide you through the process

Garnet will assist you to find the optimal path to achieve your capital raising goals

There are many factors that enter into the financing versus asset sale decision, Garnet can help you determine the likely success of either option based upon the assets and your company’s profile and limitations

Garnet’s market stature and deal flow establishes us as a valued source of product to a wide investor universe

Garnet’s expertise benefits you by having your transaction receive attention from varied buyers and allows you to choose your best partner based on a combination of price and terms

Asset Sale
  • Market pricing
  • Equity constraints
  • Commited Capital
  • Advance rate
  • Market terms

Garnet manages every phase of the process through closing and funding

Exhaustive prep & pre-process analysis

In developing your story, Garnet will explore, develop and distill:

  • Portfolio data & history
  • Company background
  • Experience of management team
  • Type of loans being made
  • Underwriting
  • Performance
  • Projections
Tailored outreach to attract the right investors

Obtaining the best terms requires a dedicated team to:

  • Distill the ask to an answerable structure
  • Assemble, remediate and prepare available data
  • Develop an enticing Offering Memorandum to describe the opportunity
  • Run an organized and directed out-reach process
Selecting the right counterparty and deal

After counterparties are identified, Garnet will assist you in moving forward by:

  • Providing color on counterparties
  • Providing market context to deal terms
  • Evaluating various structures
  • Identifying pitfalls
  • Assisting with language to buttress against price fade
  • Establishing a time schedule
Garnet continues to drive the process

And will work with you through closing:

  • Definitive closing timeline and execution
  • Reviewing documentation
  • Advising on final terms
  • Identifying and minimizing "deal creep"
  • Resolving issues
  • Closing and funding
  • Post-closing reconciliation
Garnet expertise makes the process smooth and efficient
  • Prior to marketing: Garnet’s experienced team can determine the feasibility and projected execution levels for a financing or asset sale
  • In the market: Garnet will assist throughout the process, from providing recommendations on counterparties and terms to documentation and closing