• Chapter 13 sales give issuers access to highly qualified purchasers with the least amount of consumer friction and the highest attention to transaction compliance.
  • This market is highly sophisticated. Buyers have built compliance-focused servicing operations that are much more efficient than any issuer.
  • Selling Chapter 13 accounts can:
  • Improve operating efficiencies
  • Provide financial gains
  • Enhance compliance
  • Reduce or redeploy personnel
  • Current pricing can be equal to several years of gross collections.

What Clients are Saying

  • " Using Garnet, not only were we able to have a successful sale, but we were able to enhance our own business practices based on what we learned during the sale process."

    SVP–Regional Bank
  • " Garnet took care of the difficult things and managed things we never anticipated – made it so easy, we’re using Garnet again."

    VP Subprime Auto Lender
  • " The value Garnet provided in post-sale support preserved more value than the amount I paid."

    Chief Risk Officer Auto Finance


Secured BK Accounts


Secured Chapter 13s


Unsecured Chapter 13s

*multiple transactions

What Differentiates Garnet?


Pricing and Diligence

  • Pre-sale pricing based on current market.
  • Garnet diligence allows for data remediation.
  • Third party appends increase price and participation.

Presentation and Sales

  • Data presented in format bidders understand.
  • Seasoned deal team highlights investment benefits.
  • Specialty team for specialty product.

Compliance and Closing

  • Seller receives documentation of entire sale process.
  • Closing process driven by seasoned professionals.
  • Attention to detail avoids surprises and price changes.

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